Department Directory

Bowling Green Fire Department
625 East 6th Avenue
Bowling Green, KY  42101

General Fire Dept. Information, (270)-393-3702                         

Customer Service Issues, (270)-393-3702                         

Fire Chief’s Office, (270)-393-3702

Fire Marshal’s Office, (270)-393-3121                          

Public Fire Safety Classes/Tours,  (270)-393-3120                          

Community Events (for requesting a fire apparatus at your event, (270)-393-3120 or 3702)

Burn Permits, (270)-393-3690                          

Fire Code Inspections, (270)-393-3121                        

Fire Investigations, (270)-393-3152 or 3103            

Departmental Chaplain, (270)-393-3702                         

Public Information Officer, (270)-393-3120                         

Training Division, (270)-393-3088                         

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